5 Outstanding Home Appliances that will Make Our Life Easy and Fast

Over past few years, the home appliances are becoming smarter than ever.  Top home appliance manufacturers are in a movement on improving technology and making the device more intelligent and smart. Now you can control the modern appliance by the flick of your finger or with voice command. Moreover, the competition reaches such a level that they have to make the machine energy efficient and also eco-friendly.

Here are the five most popular high-tech smart appliances that will make our life comfortable and save our valuable time and money.

1. Pressure Washer

The pressure washer uses high-pressure water to remove paint, mold, mud, chewing gum dirt and grime off walls or the driveway, building, vehicle or surfaces. It is the most effective way to clean outdoor areas and extremely easy to use.

Pressure washer consists of the powerful pump to boost water pressure and force water through a special nozzle. You have to connect the unit to a power outlet, must turn on the tap, switch on the pressure washer and let the fun begin!

Depending on the type and size pressure washer have two versions- gas-fueled version and electric version. They are great for both major and minor home cleaning project. Pressure washer uses less water and increases the PSI to do the job in an easy way, which can save both water and time. It needs an easy setup to start work. Pressure washer gets the job done faster than any other cleaning process.

2. Tower Fan

This stylish and cool looking fan will not only make your day comfortable during the summer but also give your bed or living room a contemporary look.  Tower fan can’t cool a room like an air conditioner. It will circulate the air around the whole room and help to keep the body temperature normal.

The use of air conditioner decreases dramatically as it emits harmful gases that are harmful to the environment and one of the main causes of global warming. Governments are encouraging people to use fan instant of an air conditioner in the residential area.

Available best tower fans in market are energy efficient, safe, user-friendly and easy to control. Traditional fans (ceiling, pedestal, window fans) are noisy but tower fans are quieter than those fans.  Tower fan creates white noise which helps us to sleep deeply.

3. Dishwasher & Water Heater

It is very nagging to wash and clean the dish after you have eaten enough. Sometimes we leave the dish in the sink. It is a very unhygienic habit and there is a chance of having bacteria for lunch again. Dishwashers help us to clean the dishes without taking too much time. Even you don’t have to use your hand.

A research of US department of energy shows that use of dishwasher can save 230 hours every year.

Dishwashers are well known an eco-friendly machine. It uses less water than cleaning the dishes with hand. This machine can save 5000 gallons of water per year. Furthermore, it uses less detergent or liquid cleaner.

Probably, a hot shower is what we start our day with. We also need a warm shower at the end of the day to remove stress and tiredness. From that point, a Water Heater is another most essential modern home appliance that you can go a single day without it.

Finding out the perfect water heater for your household is all you need to have an endless supply of warm water for your shower as well as other appliances like dishwasher, kitchen sink, etc. However, it is always a decent idea to check water heater reviews before you proceed to buy one for your household.

4. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

All of us have to do household work as cooking, dishwashing, washing clothes by using strongest smelling laundry detergent and much more. In this process we have left a little time to clean our houses like vacuuming, mopping and sweeping. Here comes the robotic vacuum cleaner, which can free us from work and relax in our free time. It can clean those places, where our hands can’t reach enough.

Robotic vacuum cleaner called as “robot vac”, introduced almost 2 decades ago. It has intelligent programming and vacuum cleaning system, so you don’t have to buy an additional vacuum cleaner. It’s intelligent programming decides where it has to clean according to order. Normally, modern robotic vacuum cleaner comes with six modes of cleaning. They are- automatic and manual cleaning, spot and point cleaning, turbo and dust sensor mode. You can steer it to a particularly dirty spot using the remote control. They can be connected through your phone or tablet.

5. Induction Cooktop

Induction cooking is very popular in Europe. They mainly use this appliance in the home and commercial purpose but ironically this trend is pretty rare in America.  Induction cooktop create electromagnetic field when a cookware or pan kept on it for cooking.  The electromagnetic energy converted into heat energy that cooks the foods in the vessels.

The induction burns boil water significantly faster than gas or electric burner. The stove top is made with smooth glass which makes it easy to clean after using it. Safety is one of the highlighted features of the induction cooktop. You can touch the cooktop while you are cooking. Moreover, stove becomes cool immediately when you turn off the cooktop or if you remove the pan or cookware from the glass top.

Remember you can’t use normal cookware on an induction cooktop, rather you have to buy special type of cookware that made with cast iron or aluminum alloy.

Have you ever tried any of the above appliances that we recommended? If the answer is yes, let share your experience with the appliance in the comment. If not, don’t waste thousands of hours with the old technology or method anymore. Don’t think about budget rather think about quality and comfort. So, don’t hesitate to bring those smart appliances in your home. They will definitely increase your household appliance resources to higher level.

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