AO Smith EJC 6 Residential Electric Water Heater Review

Has your old heater gotten worn out? Or are you going to be moving somewhere new and are looking for an affordable option for an energy efficient, electric water heater? Or maybe you have built a small workspace, like a shed, or a greenhouse, in your backyard and you need a way to heat water out there. Another possibility may be that you want to ensure your dishwasher gets just the extra amount of hot water it needs. The AO Smith EJC 6 Residential Electric Water Heater is a fantastic water heater. It is especially good for you if you cannot run a gas line out to your project space. This unit is also a great investment if, as mentioned before, you just happen to be in need of a new water heater in your residential space.

AO Smith EJC-6 Residential Electric Water Heater

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Compact Design

The AO Smith Residential Electric Water Heater is perfect for small homes, or even apartments in need of water heaters, but don’t have too much space available. Its incredibly compact design (14”x14”x15”) means that it will even fit directly under a sink, or in a large cupboard. The AO Smith Electric Water Heater can also be placed in tight crawl spaces or even in small storage closets, as well.

Side-Mounted Plumbing and Electrical Connectors

These side-mounted attachments are also immensely advantageous in trailer homes or RVs. Due to tight spacing in such homes, these side attachment options make it much easier to get everything connected and up and running.

No Batteries Required

This may sound a little odd. But smaller water heating appliances such as this sometimes require batteries for operation. This one relies on your existing electrical connections for power. So there is no need to worry about making sure you have the right batteries all the time. This unit is hardwired with 120v. The unit can also be easily converted from hardwired to a plug connection with the right tools.

Electric Heaters are Safer

This heater is powered by electricity rather than by gas. Electric heaters are far safer as they do not run off of gas, and therefore are much less likely to explode. Gas heaters also require extra space around the tank due to safety and fire hazard reasons. This means you need a whole lot more space for a traditional gas powered water heater. Electric heaters do not have this limitation and can be installed just about anywhere safely.

98% Thermal Efficiency

This electric water heater is extremely efficient. This means almost no energy is wasted in the production of heating water. In fact, the smaller a water heater tank the greater the energy efficiency rating. This unit is extra small, meaning it has fantastic energy efficiency. Perfect for those trying to save a little bit on energy costs.

• This water heater is extremely efficient.

• An electric water heater is far safer than gas.

• This little tank will fit just about anywhere in your compact space.

• It can fit in cupboards, tight closets, and even crawl spaces.

• This is very good for small homes and families.

• This heater comes with a limited 6-year warranty from the manufacturer.

• Electric heaters tend to last much longer than regular gas heaters.

• This product is designed for small homes. It is not good for use in larger homes.

• The unit has only a single heating element.

• This electric heater sometimes uses more energy than a gas heater.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can this fit in a bathroom closet?

A: Yes, this unit will fit in a bathroom closet.

Q: Is this unit good for a two bedroom home with a family of four?

A: You would get by okay, if you all shower really quickly. But a larger unit would be better suited to your needs.

Final Verdict

This unit is a great investment. It’s fairly low-cost. And it is very compact. The compact design allows the unit to fit just about anywhere in your home. This unit is hardwired but can be changed over to a plugin fitting instead. The AO Smith EJC-6 Residential Electric Water Heater has a thermal efficiency rating of 98%! This means less wasted energy for your heating needs. This unit is great for small homes. It is also ideal for workspaces such as an artist’s studio. This is especially ideal if your studio is not connected to your home. So if you have a compact space, this is the water heater for you.

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