AO Smith SUN 80 Residential Solar Water Heater Review

There are many improvements which can be made to your home to boost its value. One of those might be a new water heater. You can also try installing alternative energy production materials such as your own windmill or solar paneling. Another option is to install a new water heater. Or perhaps you are just environmentally conscious and so have decided to opt for a solar water heater to try and move away from more traditional fossil fuel methods. One option to consider is the AO Smith Sun 80 Residential Solar Water Heater.

AO Smith SUN-80 Residential Solar Water Heater

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Features of AO Smith Sun 80 Solar Water Heater

Different Connectors

This water heater is equipped with side and top connections for easy access. You can also set up your system with these different connections to make either an open loop or a closed loop system for your water heating and plumbing needs. Open loop systems are great because they result in a lower loss during heat transfer. Closed loop systems are beneficial because they are typically more cost efficient than open loop systems.

Dynaclean Diffuser Dip Tube

This is all part of an automatic sediment cleaning system. This automatic cleaning system uses a diffuser tip to create water turbulence. The diffuser tip introduces cold water into the tank and swirls it rapidly around. This turbulence helps to discourage sediment buildup. This also reduces lime deposits. It helps to prolong the life of the tank as well, and increases energy efficiency. This also helps to maximize the output of hot water.

Low-Watt-Density Heating Element

This element has a much bigger surface space transferring heat to the water. This means that the wattage is much more widely dispersed throughout the tank. This heating element conducts less wattage over its surface than a higher-wattage option. This increases the life of the heating element, meaning it will last much longer. These lower watt heating elements are also much more heating efficient.

PermaGlas Glass Tank Coating

This specialized tank coating helps to maximize tank life. It also helps to cut down on the occurrence of rust in your tank. This method of fusing glass to steel, helps to further waterproof and rustproof the tank. This helps to extend the life of your tank as well. So you won’t need to worry about replacing your tank or whether it will start to rust after only a few months.

• This heater stores hot water which is heated by an external solar panel.

• This heater is known to last for years.


• Dynaclean Diffuser tip helps to rapidly disburse cold water throughout the tank.

• The Diffuser tip disburses cold water which helps to disturb the standing water in the tank and reduces buildup of sediments and lime.

• The PermaGlas Glass tank coating helps to extend the life of your tank.

• It does not have an internal heater exchanger coil.

• It does not come with a solar panel.

• The solar panel and hookups must be purchased separately.

• It is more expensive to install because it is a solar powered water heater and is more complex than traditional water heaters.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does this order include the necessary solar panel?

A: No, it only includes the water tank. The solar panel must be purchased separately.

Q: Does this tank have an exchanger coil inside?

A: No, this tank does not have a coil inside.

Q: Does it have any elements inside?

A: Yes, it has a 4500W 240V element in it. 

Final Verdict

This seems to be a great solar powered heater. It is best if you have an existing solar powered system in place. If not, purchasing and installing a new solar panel system can run you hundreds of dollars more.

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