Rinnai RU80EN 8.0 GPM Outdoor Ultra-NOx Condensing Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater Review

So, whom is the Rinnai RU80EN water heater designed for?

This product’s versatility allows it to be used in mid-sized or large homes, offices and even shopping malls. It is an upgrade from the previous model as it has incorporated a Circ-Logic (TM) recirculation technique within it which has enhanced the product’s comfort and efficiency. Moreover, it comes with a scale detection feature which prevents long term damage. The heater has a separately mounted and wired control for monitoring the equipment and adjusting the temperature, as well as a Webstone Isolator Valve Kit that is lead-free and is a beneficial enhancement for home use.

Rinnai RU80EN 8.0 GPM Outdoor Ultra-NOx Condensing Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater

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Product Features

The first impression of the product is its sleek and modern design with a touch of a silver finish. It is a medium-sized equipment measuring just 18.3 inches in length, 10.0 inches in width, 26.0 inches in height and weighs only 70.5 pounds. It also features a commercial grade heat exchanger which makes it applicable for residential and commercial use. The most notable features, however, are the digital monitoring, troubleshooting and control system and the temperature lock which prevents accidental or unintended temperature changes.

Technical Details and Specifications

The product is normally preset at a temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit and comes with a commercial-grade heat exchanger for commercial and local purposes. It also comes with a digital controller alongside an error code indicator. After intensive tests, the Rinnai RU80EN was able to meet the California and Texas Nitrogen Oxide Emissions Standards. Its installation specifications are variable and could be local, outdoor and commercial hence it proves to be quite flexible.

Included Accessories

The Rinnai RU80EN Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater comes with two main accessories namely the Webstone Isolator EXP 2 Valve Kit and the Rinnai MC-91-2US Separate Mounted and Wired Controller.

The Webstone Lead-free Isolator EXP 2 Valve Kit comes with a separate valve of hot water and cold water as well as a 150 PSI pressure relief valve. All the valves contain a connects to a water heater, a shut-off valve, a hose drain cap and somewhat threaded connection at the bottom for a tight hook on your home’s water pipes.

The Rinnai MC-91-2US Separate mounted and wired controller has an integrated digital controller which allows you to easily adjust the water temperature. It also displays your present water temperature and alerts you in case of errors.

Miscellaneous Details

The product uses natural gas as fuel and has a natural gas burn rate of the range 15,200 to 152,000 BTU and a natural gas pressure of a minimum of 5″ water column (WC) and a max 10.5″ water column (WC). This Rinnai product also comes with two different types of warranties that are the commercial warranty and residential warranty.

• The product is user-friendly

• It is long lasting

• It comes with warranty on the product and the separate accessories

• It is efficient and provides comfort

• It is also environmentally friendly

• It can also be used in high altitudes of up to 10,000 meters

• It is not easy to install hence requires a professional assistance

• It is difficult to repair as it uses complex parts

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is natural gas cheaper compared to propane?

A: Yes.

Q: What’s the prospective shipping time for your Rinnai Water Heater?

A: The warehouse takes one to four days to prepare the order for shipment. The shipment arrives at its destination four to ten days after you have ordered.

Final Verdict

The product is an impeccable heater. From its sleek design to its major upgrades such as the scale detector, depicts the amount of work and effort that went into this product. Its pros outweigh the cons a hundred to one. The product may be just what you require in your house or your company. As much as it may leave a dent in your pocket, it is a worthwhile investment.

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